The Re-Invented Call Center. Newly Designed For Your Peace Of Mind.

Look around. Something is very different here. For this is no ordinary call center. Our core is a full-on business development hub - a 25,000 square foot read more

our business goal

Your world is moving far too fast to settle for a place that merely fields questions anymore. No, you need a partner who can anticipate sales opportunities proactively. You need people who can enlighten your customer to other possibilities from your product line. You need a group that can quickly and completely reflect the voice of the brand you've worked so hard to build. And they don’t need forever to get up to speed either.

Paid for Performance

TMC is unique in that it's a performance driven firm. We partner with our clients in an effort to keep overhead low and ROI positive.

Thousands strong and growing

TMC employs sales, support, marketing, and IT professionals that service clients in more than 15 verticals. With offices located in Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, & Texas - we're bound to have you covered.

Proven strategic concepts

TMC has executed more than 100 strategic programs in 15 years. Our process for developing a unique working approach for each client is extraordinary.

Market Reasearch and Political Insight

Political candidates, groups and organizations frequently find themselves stretched thin by the multitude of channels required to connect with an audience of potential voters.

Energy sales

When energy clients approach us about initiatives designed to acquire and retain residential and commercial customers in deregulated states, TMC’s team calls upon its expertise in the areas of transmission, distribution and commodity costs.

Lead Generation

Appointment setting, partial conversion, direct transfers, host and post -- Total Marketing Concepts does it all. Total Marketing Concepts has substantial experience in the Education, Legal, and Finance lead industries.

Telecommunication Sales

As some of the largest wireless phone carriers in the country are frequent, heavy advertisers utilizing traditional media, an outbound sales team can be an essential ingredient to furthering awareness of those particular brand initiatives being communicated in the marketplace, such as new service packages, accessories to add on, special discounts and more.

Services we offer

Your brand. Your values. Your approach to doing business. It can be a challenge to ensure consistency within your own company’s walls as it is. But then to ask someone to look, sound and react to customers just as seamless as you would? It sounds like a daunting task, to be sure.

That’s when the most highly trained team in the industry at TMC goes to work, customizing their approach to your company initiatives to ensure complete continuity, whether that’s related to inbound, outbound, customer service and data review solutions. How much do we consider every last detail? We even use people to match those prospects of an ethnic background with a dialect they are comfortable with, so their conversation is more comfortable.

All the while, our people are backed for a comprehensive suite of technological tools to keep processes streamlined – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  1. Redundant Fiber Backbone
  2. Multiple Egress Points
  3. Multiple Telecommunications Providers
  4. On Site Data Back Up
  5. Off Site Data Storage
  6. Disaster Recover Plan
  7. Secured Access Buildings
  8. Surveillance Monitoring
  9. Remote Monitoring
  10. Matrix Reporting
  11. Lead Management
  12. DNC Compliance