Your Competition Has A “Call Center.” You’ve Got Total Experts In The Field.

When a customer has post-sale questions that can’t be easily addressed, the situation can escalate downhill quickly from an inquiry to frustration to buyer’s remorse. With their veteran experience, the TMC team is well prepared to head off that possibility and preserve the relationship.

But that’s really only part of our agenda.

After all, when you can save a sale by transforming a puzzled or unhappy customer into a happy one, there is great opportunity to build on that momentum then and there in the form of upselling or cross-selling.

This is the extra level of sales and marketing support from TMC that so few competitors can match. Take a look at what we mean for industries such as:

Market Research and Political Outreach

Political candidates, groups and organizations frequently find themselves stretched thin by the multitude of channels required to connect with an audience of potential voters.

How can they scale up with the kind of outbound support team that utilizes email, phone and online chat to uncover the most important issues to potential voters? What about increased interaction with those possible voters by educating them on where the candidate stands on crucial matters? From complex surveys to voter identification programs, TMC’s extensively trained team is just what your campaign needs for high quality conversations and takeaways.

We’ll also provide in-depth reporting on the insights we’ve found from our outbound efforts, so you can ensure your message is right where it needs to be - on the pulse of what voters value most.

Energy Sales

When energy clients approach us about initiatives designed to acquire and retain residential and commercial customers in deregulated states, TMC’s team calls upon its expertise in the areas of transmission, distribution and commodity costs.

Being a true extension of your utility company, TMC is made to handle your outbound marketing initiatives. With an eye on lowering acquisition costs, our team is very adept at integrating the brand messages you seek to convey toward specific audience segments, from the prospects you’d like to convert into new customers to the long-time customers you’d like to communicate with more frequently for higher revenue per sale.

Scaling up the amount of sales agents? Increasing your state in existing markets? Greater penetration in new markets? We’re on it.

Telecom Sales

As some of the largest wireless phone carriers in the country are frequent, heavy advertisers utilizing traditional media, an outbound sales team can be an essential ingredient to furthering awareness of those particular brand initiatives being communicated in the marketplace, such as new service packages, accessories to add on, special discounts and more.

That’s why these telecommunications companies turn to TMC. With the success of a campaign at stake, they know that relying on our vastly well-trained sales force won’t just mean we’ll deliver outbound messaging consistent with the brand. We’ll have the rare skill set that converts upsell opportunities on both the consumer and corporate level too.

Let’s not forget about retention either. When a customer comes aboard with a new product or service purchase, TMC’s team proactively springs into action with outreach efforts to educate that customer and address any immediate challenges they’re experiencing. We can follow up down the line as well, touching base to ensure complete satisfaction. It’s the kind of call that keeps the positive momentum associated with a purchase - and the overall brand - well intact.

Lead Generation

Appointment setting, partial conversion, direct transfers, host & post-- TMC does it all. TMC has substantial experience in the Education, Legal, and Finance lead industries.


These days, a variety of educational institutions that seek lead generation are challenged by the higher salaries and higher expenses for telecommunications often required. Enter TMC’s team to lighten the load on the outbound sales front and provide greater efficiency. For higher education, when the situation calls for follow up with prospective students, we can work with such leads to identify the program and type of degree they could potentially earn. In the process, we’re able to gain greater understanding of each lead’s questions and needs, customizing our approach to the particular situation and delivering insights back to the institution’s Admissions department.

In addition, during enrollment periods and curriculum changes, institutions count on us to communicate with students and faculty about these changes so that the educational experience can remain seamless and welcoming. We’re also an invaluable asset for special fundraising efforts that require relationship building and support from sponsors and vendors in the community.