Our Management’s Vision? Demand Even More Of Ourselves Than You Do.

Many years ago, our management team at TMC had a vision: Why should a brand with a profoundly established name put its reputation on the line by supplementing its efforts with mediocre service personnel? They’ve made it our mission from the top throughout our company culture to change the very perception of how much more nimble, analytical and efficient a call center can be. Because they’ve believed in working toward better, more intensive training than any other company in the space, we’re a better place for your brand to call upon today.

Meet the Team

Andrew Dorko
CEO, Founder

Andrew Dorko founded TMC Inc. in 2004. Andrew is responsible for all aspects of the organization and actively manages all of our corporate and account/client relationships. Recognizing the need to develop strong supporting staff, as well as bringing in key talent to the organization has helped sustain the growth of the company. Andrew started his career by managing an expanding territory of customers for Bell Atlantic. He was responsible for over 280 employees helping to deliver products and services as well as managing the sales cycle for his customers. Relocating to central Florida in 1993 to engage in a new business venture with The Donnelly Directory, he worked to launch and grow the market share in this region. Soon after at XO Communications, he worked for one of the largest Telecommunications organizations in Florida for the Tele-systems team. He managed the entire life cycle of all clients and assigned staff as needed to grow projects with great success. As the CEO of a growing organization, Andrew is responsible for all aspects of the company and its day to day operations. The organization has expanded to two locations in Central Florida employing over 700 employees with a hub in Sanford, Florida (Orlando area). Andrew has developed both the core culture of TMC, and also the team concept that helps the company balance very unique industries in parallel to make sure that we have balance between multiple business units as we grow. His innovation has helped TMC to become one of the fastest growing organizations in the area.

George Lonabaugh

George Lonabaugh presides over the operations of TMC Inc. with over 20 years of experience. George’s primary role is managing the internal departments of the organization as well as strategic planning. In addition to internal operations, George is responsible for program development and client relations for our marketing businesses. George began his career with Impact Telemarketing Consultants Inc., ranked three times by INC. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Impact later became public as part of NCO Financial Services Inc. (NCO GROUP), the leading accounts receivable organization in the world managing all of its Call center operations in the US and Internationally. As part of NCO Customer Management, George managed the legacy RMH Teleservices and Compass Teleservices groups. Industry experience includes Banking and financial consulting with MBNA America/Bank of America and Capital One. Insurance services, Market Research and Political consulting with the top consulting organizations in the nation, Telecom and Wireless experience with companies such as AT&T, VERIZON and SPRINT as well as a specialization in Utility services with our Energy Department and our internal Internet Marketing team.

George attended Temple University in Philadelphia PA, and is also a long term member of the American Teleservices Association (now PACE).

Tyson Chavarie
Chief Information Officer

Tyson Chavarie spent his early career developing the information systems for fast growing small and medium sized call centers in the telecom industry. Always striving to mix a strong knowledge of business processes with technology, Tyson has built a reputation for using custom-built systems to integrate with those of his Fortune 500 clients. Now serving as Chief Information Officer at TMC, Tyson has used his experience creating information systems to develop a software development department, as well as to redesign the company's order taking, scripting, and reporting systems for TMC's stable of clients in the Energy, Telecom, Political Survey, and Internet Marketing industries. In addition, Tyson helped plan and execute a full upgrade to TMC's dialing platform designed to prepare for future growth as well as to provide the company with the advanced feature set critical to success in today's competitive marketplace.